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Request Editor Status

Being an editor at IBList allows you to add new books and authors to the database, and to add or correct information about entries already in our database. We can always use more people to help out with this. Work is done on a volunteer basis, so you can add as many or as few entries as you want.

However, in order to maintain the quality of information on the website, we expect editors to put time and effort into their entries. All entries must be complete and all information must be accurate. Editors must be capable of following the guidelines for entries and must be willing to research the books being added, if necessary.

If you simply want to see one or two books added to the database, but are not interested in spending time entering them, you should not request to become an editor, but instead use the user submission form.

Just tell us the reason you want to become a site Editor below (tell us you want to add to the site community or something) and a site Admin will soon approve your status change. You will recieve an email when it has been processed, that contains further details.


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