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Robert A. Heinlein's ambitious series of science fiction books dealing with the future of humanity as he predicted it, starting in the mid 1930's and continuing far into the future, past 4000 AD. Heinlein lived to see many of his predictions outdated by actual history, “ occupational hazard I share with weather forecasters and fortune tellers.” but his predictions of manned space flight and its consequences were true it their most important aspect: Man did travel to the moon in Heinlein's lifetime.

Heinlein originally planned thirty-one books for the Future History series, and eventually wrote all but six of them. In his own words:
“These three stories will probably never be written. In the case of Eclipse I have dealt with the themes involved at greater length in two novels which were not bound by the Procrustean Bed of a fictional chart; it would be tedious for both you and me to deal with the same themes again. As for the other two stories [Logic of Empire and The Stone Pillow], they both have the disadvantage of being ‘down beat’ stories, their outcomes are necessarily not pleasant. I am not opposed to tragedy and have written quite a bit of it, but today we can find more than enough of it in the headlines. I don't want to write tragedy just now and I doubt if you want to read it. Perhaps in another and sunnier year we will both feel differently.”

Eventually Heinlein would expand the Future History series with the continuing adventures of Lazarus Long and his family, and ultimately bring history as he wrote it and history as we know it together through the theory of Pantheistic Multiple Solipsism introduced in The Number of the Beast.


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