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This is a master-list for the various series set within Lackey's Valdemar Universe, the world of Velgarth.

  • Queen's Own: Set during the reign of Queen Selenay, this trilogy features young Talia and her struggles to control her unusual gift and assume the role of Queen's Own Herald. The first Valdemar books written.

  • Mage Winds Trilogy: Features Elspeth, heir to the throne, as she sets out beyond Valdemar in search of a Mage. A secondary story-line features Darkwind, a Hawkbrother living in the strange and dangerous Taledras forests.

  • By the Sword: Stand-alone novel set between the Queen's Own Trilogy and the Mage Winds books. Features Kerowyn, a noblewoman who becomes a mercenary when disaster strikes her family. Her grandmother is Kethry, featured in the Vows and Honor books.

  • Vows and Honor: The adventures of Kethry, a sorceress, and her partner Tarma, sword-wielding Shin'a'in tribeswoman. The third book, Oathblood is a collection of short stories rather than a novel.

  • Exile's Honor and Exile's Valor: Two novels about Alberich, a Karsite forced to flee his own country and now weapons-master under King Roald and his daughter, Queen Selenay. Set shortly before the time of the Queen's Own trilogy.

  • Take a Thief: Stand-alone novel featuring Skif, the Herald and former thief from the Queen's Own trilogy. Story chronicles how he became a Herald.

  • Mage Storms Trilogy: Immediately follows the Mage Winds Trilogy chronologically, and the alliance between Valdemar and their former enemy, the neighboring country Karse, as they unite against a far greater foe. Features the characters Karal and An'desha.

  • Owl Mage Trilogy: Takes place following the Mage Storms books. Features orphaned Darian and his training with the Taledras Hawkbrothers. Lackey collaborated with Larry Dixon on these books.

  • Mage Wars Trilogy: The earliest books chronologically, this trilogy takes place in the prehistory of the world of Velgarth, but has connections with the events of the Mage Storms, centuries later.

  • The Last Herald Mage: Takes place some centuries before most of the Valdemar books, featuring Vanyel, the Last Herald-Mage, who has become a figure of legend in the later books.

  • Brightly Burning: Stand-alone novel set sometime between the Last Herald Mage and the Heralds of Valdemar books. Features the legendary character Lavan Firestarter, who has a rare and dangerous gift.

  • Valdemar Short Story Collections: Shared-world anthologies set in the world of Valdemar. Assorted authors.
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