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The Internet Book List (IBList) was a hobby project started by Patrik Roos in early 2003. Its purpose is to provide a comprehensive and easily accessible database of books, since Patrik considers the Book to be humanity's greatest creation.

In early 2004, the project was transitioned from Patrik Roos to Steven Jeffery, the current owner.


The Internet Book List is an online database that was created in March, 2003 by Patrik Roos. The goal at that time was to enter as many fiction titles in the English language as possible. Steven Jeffery took over the site in December, 2003. The site does not produce any profit from its activities, and its mandate is to provide as complete and accurate information about authors and their works of fiction as possible. The information on the site is made available to the public free of charge in the form of the website.

The site is entirely volunteer-based and currently boasts entries on over 19,000 authors and over 63,000 books. The volunteer base that contributes the database's content is comprised of editors, who enter the data, and administrators, who ensure the accuracy of the information represented, liaise with authors and publishers, and enforce compliance with copyright legislation. Registered users may rate and review books they have read, as well as submit books for inclusion that don't yet appear in the database.

User ratings are weighted on a system similar, but not identical to, that of the Internet Movie Database, or can be viewed by average. To maintain an aspect of fairness and transparency, third-party reviews are never accepted, nor are review requests accepted.

Other features of the site include search capabilities for books by title, authors by name, and books/authors by genre or rating. Series entries can also be searched by name, genre or rating. Plans are also underway to implement new features such as a personal library for registered users and the incorporation of non-fiction titles into the database. The site also links to Abebooks, Powells and Amazon to help users locate copies of the books listed on the site.

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