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Reviews of Microserfs (1995)

Review by Beaver (2007-11-12)
Microserfs is about a recent college grad and his life experience while working at Microsoft in the programming world. It's interesting (related field for me) and well written. The writing style is like a journal with lots of interesting little observations and asides. It got a little too serious and less light-hearted as it went on, and the end was kind of blah. 8/10

Review by brendan62442 (2004-12-10)
This was an energetic and moving book. It captures ten or twelve characters, every one of them both fun and deep.

It's interesting how smart the characters are, mostly because it means that in addition to the book's content, Douglas Coupland would have had to think of smart things for the characters to say.

Review by Nscafe (2003-03-13)
It's a geek book. And being a geek, I liked it.

I read it when it had first come out, but shortly thereafter my copy was thiefed from me.

So I waited and waited and waited and when I finally had the opportunity to purchase another copy I leapt upon with it with vigor.

I re-read it fairly quickly and was surprised that it still holds up as good book.

The plot runs like this, our protagonist works for Microsoft in 1993 (in the time before Windows 95 was released and I think Windows 3.11 for Workgroups was just making the rounds).

The web hadn't exploded yet and the net was hardly anything to write home about (even if you had e-mail).

A co-worker of his wanders away from Microsoft and then invites his former co-workers down to the Silicon Valley to help me develop a new product.

Without ruining too much more of the plot I'll say that Microserfs provides a wonderful snapshot of the way things used to be before The Bubble exploded and created a bit of a recession in the tech industry.

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