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Reviews of War of the Flowers, the (2003)

Review by blueworld (2007-04-17)
Over 800 pages long, but with a story and characters that only deserved about half that length. Tad Williams describes his fairy world beautifully, and in my opinion that's the strength of this book. I found the plot engaging enough, though not outstanding, but the protagonist failed to interest me at all as a character. I would recommend this book to Tad Williams fans, but I don't think it's his best.

Review by lord kallor (2004-12-16)
A stand alone book by Williams in good form. although not as good as his Otherlands of Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series' it does command respect for
some interesting charecters and an inovative plot although there are some holes. It being standalone made it feel slightly compressed but on the whole I felt this was better than the longwindedness (is that a word) of the otherlands series. I would recoment this for anyone who had an interest in Fantasy/Sci-Fi without the swords and the dragons or the elves. 8/10

Review by alanhunt (2003-10-20)
This was engaging, as all of Tad Williams books have been (with the exception of Tailchaser's Song, but that might be because I'm not a cat person...). A dark fairy tale in high style, with likable heros and chilling villians. I finished this in two days, which means I didn't put it down except when exhaustion claimed me :) It was fairly long (but those of us familiar with Mr. Williams take that for a given) but worth the time. And thankfully, it was a standalone novel, which means you won't have to wait a few years for him to finish the story (cough, cough, otherland).

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