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Reviews of Austere Academy, the (2000)

Review by i_luv_books (2005-06-17)
this story makes very you supicious about lemony snicket and stops at a imporatant part. all my friends at school like to read the seris of unfortunate evnts and they all agree with me that it starts to get important by book five. so you should pick up the book after reading books 1-4

Review by andrael (2003-03-09)
Some of the detractors of this series complain about it being "repetitive" -- that every book has the same plot with the Baudelaire orphans getting shunted off to another unsuitable guardian, who is unable to recognize Count Olaf in yet another one of his transparent disguises, etc etc. Granted that books 2, 3, and 4 for the most part followed the formula laid out in the first book, I still found them enjoyable. And Book the Fifth: The Austere Academy is the one where things start to get really interesting. Here's where we get the first rumblings of the overarching mystery plot of the series. And we start to wonder just what is up with this Lemony Snicket guy anyway, and who is this Beatrice he keeps harping on about? The book ends more or less on a cliffhanger, a practice that is continued in future books and (in my case, at least) makes it near impossible to wait for future installments.

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