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Reviews of Reptile Room, the (1999)

Review by immrsdarcy (2006-05-28)
This is the second in the series and while it is not the best, it is not the worst either. The reasons this is mediocre is because:
1) While is may not be the most exciting story, I still went on to the read the next ones.
2) Count Olaf's personas are still enjoyable and funny
3) I do enjoy the way Lemony Snicket writes and can't wait to read more.

Review by mrdude (2005-02-15)
The Reptile House by Lemony Snicket is the second book in "A Series of Unfortunate Events"

The story continues with the three baudelaire orphans, as they are brought to their new home with their Uncle Monty. This book follows a very similar pattern to the previous book, but I must admit I still found it entertaining , and of course hardly time consuming at all.

Lemony snicket really provides his readers with a fun filled story. I found it funny, extremely witty, and for you older people, such as I, he does tend to stick in small references that only we would catch. There were few things that I did not enjoy in the book, such as the recap on what happened in the previous tale, and some of the ruining gags, such as Sunny's speech patters, do tend to get a little repetitious at times. Still I can appreciate why the author uses these things in his books, and could see how someone of the proper age group would probably appreciate such things much more than myself. All in all a good book, and if you have kids for goodness sake, read it to them!

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