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Reviews of Malice Domestic 6 (1997)

Review by bookmaeven (2009-02-28)
This volume is not the best of the Malice Domestic series; many of the stories are rather ho-hum. But there is one that I absolutely love and buy copies of the book whenever I find them just so I can pass along this gem.

"Ways to Kill a Cat" by Simon Brett is a delight. Reminiscent of the song "The Cat Came Back" (but with an improved outcome for the cat), novelist Seraphina Fellows attempts to rid herself of the model for the central character of her cat detective books. Alas, the real "Mr. Whiskers" becomes more popular than the author. Every mail delivery has more envelopes with paw prints for Mr. Whiskers than unadorned envelopes for Seraphina. She even brings in a new detective in the catperson of a lovely, but none too bright, Persian. I can just picture this as a movie with Bette Middler as Seraphina. If I were makeing such a movie, I'd use the "chapter" headings (e.g., "Cat Among the Pigeons") as intertitles.

This is a great book to share by reading aloud on roadtrips or by candlelight when the power is out and you can't watch TV. Reading out loud, it takes a little over an hour to read the whole story. I believe it was 80 minutes with a bathroom break. (I'm a great fan of reading out loud to each other.)

(This review refers to the 1997 version titled “Malice Domestic 6”)

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