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Reviews of Breakfast of Champions (1973)

Review by bob over mars (2008-08-08)
This is only the second novel I've read by Kurt Vonnegut. The first was Slaughter-house Five, which I enjoyed hugely. With Breakfast of Champions, when there were laugh-out-loud moments, I probably laughed a little louder, but overall I found it a bit more inconsistent, finding myself getting bored at times even. But most of the time, it was an enjoyable read.

There are a lot of puerile jokes (and drawings) especially in the beginning, but it is also a book laden with great, even innovative ideas, especially with regards to the way the story is being told towards the end. It seemed to me like Vonnegut had a major personal crisis while he wrote this, and he wanted to share some of his frustrations with his readers. I felt that sometimes it made the story a little boring, yet somehow it suddenly turned out into some brilliant point being made. All in all, it was a very rewarding read.

Review by eriksonmobile (2005-05-25)
this is in my opinion Vonnegut's best book. It is full of his characteristic black satire of our modern way of life. Again he manages to blend reality with fiction leaving us to guess where we stand. There probably is no other author who manages to illustrate his work with such fitting little images. (Although he drew the flag of Germany wrong)
This book serves as a great introduction for those readers interested in the work of Vonnegut and they can be certain that they will continue reading his work after this one. It should be read by anyone wondering why things are the way they are on our little planet - just don't expect any answers.

Review by tcfd31 (2003-03-14)
This book was my intorduction to Vonnegut, I have since read everything of his I can find including commencement addresses. A few of his books may be better written, but none are better illustrated.

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