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Reviews of Flatland / Sphereland (1993)

Review by japuckett (2007-12-12)
Flatland is an insightful, easily readable introduction to how beings of a certain dimensional reality may perceive beings and objects that exist in either a higher or lower dimensional realm. If you care to look into it, there is plenty of political satire as well, though Abbott originally wrote Flatland back in 1884 (so you may not catch it all). Edwin Abbott Abbott had nothing to do with Sphereland, however; and it shows. Dionys Burger wrote this unofficial "sequel" in 1965 in a failed attempt to include the warped space-time of Einstein's General Relativity in the world of Flatland, since Einstein, in all his genius, was not prominent in Edwin Abbott Abbott's time, when Flatland was written. Sphereland doesn't even come close to approaching the charm and wit of Flatland, and the halfhearted attempt to elaborate on Abbott's extra-dimensional insights is insulting to Abbott's subtle genius. In short, Flatland is complex and intriguing, well worth the read for any science-minded individual curious of the quirky implications of other dimensions. Just read Flatland; don't waste your time with Sphereland.

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