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Reviews of Way Station (1963)

Review by johnafair (2007-01-14)
Almost the perfect example of a Simak book, this is set in his rural Wisconsin setting, where the neighbours don't really care what you get up to so long as everyone keeps to themselves, so it's no surprise that they haven't commented that Enoch Wallace has been around quite a while no.

Indeed he had - ever since he laid down his rifle at the end of the American Civil War to return to his family's homestead a hundred years earlier.

With his father laid to rest and himself as the only member of his family still alive, Enoch's approached by a stranger with a job his curiosity doesn't let him turn down - Keeper of Earth's Way Station on the great interstellar network of transmat stations tying the worlds of the galaxy together.

But people on Earth are noticing Enoch's longevity - the subscriptions department of Nature for one. And a government agent is beginning to show an unwholesome interest in the contents of the family grave plot. Even among the peoples of the stars, there are hints of trouble and a risk to the transmat network...

In all the goings on, Enoch feels like the outsider he has become in the decades shut up in his house in a frozen time, so while the general ending of the book is actually surprisingly hopeful, there is an air of sadness for Enoch.

Review by sqbr (2003-07-07)
Nice, simple, slightly old fashioned. (I read it a while ago but that was the overall impression)
Not too bad as old-style science fiction books go.

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