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Reviews of Spine of the World, the (1999)

Review by wwwwolf (2003-04-03)
A completely absurd fantasy novel - at least in that I read the first 200 or so pages and the main characters didn't leave their home villages/towns. Fantasy novels *must* involve travelling! *g*

Anyway, Spine of the World focuses on the broken and tortured Wulfgar the barbarian, and, shockingly, a peasant girl who gets the attention from the lord of the little town. So, the book is about a drunk barbarian facing the world, and the unusually complicated romance of a country girl. Yes, as mentioned, this is quite an unusual specimen in the long series of the Drizzt books - and, golly, Drizzt isn't even in the book except to comment.

Yet, it *works,* and was a refreshing change from the usual action-packed pace of the series and the genre in general. And Servant of the Shard, the next part, gives even more surprises...

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