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Reviews of Sign of the Unicorn (1975)

Review by Avarith (2003-08-08)
I like (love?) Zelazny's writing. This one had fewer twisted passages wherein he described their journey through Shadow, which was partly a relief, partly disappointment...but I like the way Zelazny reveals more of the intrigue which mires Corwin's family...and the way he went back and explained many happenings from the previous two books. Very good read, looking out for the rest of the series.

Review by Arref (2003-05-06)
This is *the* book of the series of five. Much of the action is intense and characters reveal more here.

War and treachery has come to Amber. King Eric is dead, but Corwin is distrusted by his siblings and yet must protect the throne. Little is as it seems--as everyone has some reason to be less than helpful to Corwin. Corwin begins to find his obsession with the throne is a two-edged sword that may cost him his life, as it has his brother's.

And the Chaosians are pressing their invasion.

Will the royal family survive or perish?

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