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Reviews of Guns of Avalon, the (1972)

Review by Avarith (2003-07-05)
Second in the series, follows Nine Princes in Amber.

This book had the same melding of old-er diction and modern phrasing - just as interesting. (If I was less lazy, I'd find a quite...) It seemed to cover a larger time frame then the first (though it didn't). The end, I thought, needed to be clarified some. It was just as enjoyable a read as the first, though. Fun plot twists, fun politicking.

(I read the first and second together, in a set, so it's hard for me to separate impressions. Here's my review for the both:Zelazny is one of those authors I keep hearing about, but have never read, until now. I must say, I can see why everyone talks about him - he has a turn of phrase which is quite involving. The style was a bit...ornate? I suppose is a good word. The characters were interesting, and the way in which Zelazny makes the narrator both sympathetic and unsympathetic is fun. I enjoyed these two books quite a bit, and plan on following this interest up as soon as possible.)

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