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Reviews of Lord of the Flies (1954)

Review by gibsonj338 (2007-02-20)
After have read this book, all I can say is that I first read this book as a requirement in order to graduate from twelveth grade. The story was okay and would not have read the book if it was not required. Some parts of the book is pretty grose and could make it so you would want to throw up. Overall, I would not recommend this book.

Review by crlacrosse (2006-01-23)
I first read this book in my 9th grade english class. Most of the students moaned and groaned after begining to read this book, but i loved it. This book is an absolute classic! It really shows the good and bad in everyone and bring's in some humor by using little children. The descriptions of the island are also magnificant.

Review by branko (2003-06-07)
There are those who feel man is essentially born good, and must take care not to grow bad, and there are those who feel man is essentially born bad, and must work hard to become good. Lord of the Flies does an admirable job of exploring the latter school of thought. When a group of school children is stranded on a desert island, the thin varnish of civilisation is soon washed away, only to reveal the childrens' rotten cores. Provocative.

Review by Jorapello (2003-03-09)
A damn good book, illustrating the dark nature of humanity, and how everything falls apart when people return to basics. This book is on my "good shelf". Thoroughly enjoyable and fun to read, though the ending is one of those annoying "all wrapped up" endings. Good.

Review by prizmski (2003-03-09)
An interesting read about the basic instincts and basic behavior of humans. It's a book about a small group of English school children who are marooned on a tropical island. Finding food is not their only goal, as they soon develop a "governmental system" including a miniturized caste system. Before long, the children are fighting themselves out of pride, personal glory, or fear. Golding does a great job of painting a very visible portrait of what this life was like. Each character is unique an integral to the story. A great book for teens and adults alike!

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