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Reviews of Searching for Dragons (1990)

Review by miriamp (2008-07-24) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

What happens when a King who is absolutely sure he can tell you that all princesses are vapid non-entities meets up with everyone's favorite non-vapid and very non-traditional Princess Cimorene? She tries to show him the door, sure he's just another Hero trying to "save" her from her very cushy job as Princess to Kazul, the (female) King of the Dragons! But wait... they straighten out the misunderstanding and set out on an adventure to rescue the missing Kazul. Follow their misadventures as they journey through the edges of several standard fairy tales and, umm, disrupt them! (They set up Jack's Giant as a consultant, giant proofing villages; Herman, a relative of Rumplestiltskin, takes their advice and sets up a school for all the children he's won by spinning straw into gold.) Watch as they conquer the wizards, free Kazul, and live happily ever after, at least until the next book.

Review by immrsdarcy (2006-05-28)
This is the second in the Enchart Forest Chronicles. It is good to continue on in Cimorene's adventures, but it is not particularly exciting. I didn't really like it because:
1) I felt as if some of the new characters were boring. They were not as great as I would have hoped.
2) Their adventures were not that exciting in comparison to those before them
3) I felt as if relatively this was so much worse than the first and was not up to par.

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