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Reviews of Eternity Code, the (2003)

Review by islander255 (2008-02-09)
This is my favorite book of the series. The ending hacked a lot of people off, including me, at first... but then, as I thought about it, I just grew to really like the ending, a whole lot. It does not satisfy the reader, at least not in the normal sense of satisfaction, but it would have been a great way to end off a trilogy. A very hard and unforgiving way, to be sure, but daring and original.

But then the series continued... And it was still good. But this one is my favorite. 10/10

Review by rashid (2007-01-13)
The Eternity Code was the 3rd book in the series of Artemis Fowl. It could have easily made the series a trilogy which would have been a shame. I found this to be disappointing compared to the first two. It starts off well, and I overall enjoyed the story, but the ending really kills it for me. They took a simple, predictable way out. Though if you liked the first 2, you’ll still probably like it. If you were not fond of the first 2, ignore this one.

Review by goldenphoenix (2005-01-04)
Probably the best of the trilogy; and, happily, he's left the end open for at least another book. I really hope he writes one, because the Eternity Code is so good, his books just keep getting better!

Review by lozzina (2004-01-22)
These books just get better and better. If you've read the previous books, read this!

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