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Reviews of House of Thunder, the (1982)

Review by nowirehangers (2007-01-27)
This book was first released in the early 80s under one of Koontz' pseudonyms. Susan wakes up in the hospital after a car accident. At first she can't remember anything about herself but her memory gradually returns. In the hospital, she starts to see what appears to be the ghosts of four fraternity boys who killed her boyfriend thirteen years ago. Are they really ghosts, or is she losing her sanity?

The premise is a good one and it keeps you interested. But the buildup is a bit too long compared to the ending. She encounters her tormentors several times, but it never feels like there's any imminent threat to her until the last half of the book. About 100 pages before the ending, the story really takes off and it's a great read until the somewhat too abrupt ending.

Not one of Koontz' best, but still definately an entertaining read.

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