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Reviews of Notebook, the (1996)

Review by robokop (2009-07-26)
I have to admit it was the movie that made me read this book. Before it I had never read a Nicholas Sparks book before but it has made me a fan. From a male perspective I'd have to say that this book is worth reading by anyone. It is not by any means a typical romance novel. The story is fresh, simple, and character driven.

Mr. Sparks did a masterful job of writing as only he can. His writing is almost a genre of its own. By the end of the story I was wishing I was that much of a romantic (and I'm sure my wife does too). After reading this I was compelled to read The Wedding, which someone incorrectly informed me was a sort of sequel (or prequel). Even though it is related it was another great read all on its own. I wish they would make a movie based on it also.

Anyway, it is hard to believe that a book this short could contain as much heart as it did. I highly recommend it to anyone, male and female alike. I can't think of any other author's novel that I could even compare it to.

Review by bookworm89 (2005-11-13)
Honestly, no matter if you are a boy or girl - this is a book for anyone (but maybe in particular girls anyways). It is impossible to believe that this book was written by a man not by a woman. However, I can tell you that this is no Danielle Steel-kind book. No way. If it was, I would absolutely not recommend this book so highly, even if Steele has written any good books, but they were anyways not that great.
Sparks is a different author, and this book was his first writing. This, just like A walk of remember and all his other books, is about love, but a very remarkable such.
Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton met when they were seventeen and fell in love under the summer holidays. However, they belonged to two different worlds - he lower-level worker, she upper-level class and soon-to-be Sarah Lawrence student. Somehow, they are determined to keep their love together and not letting anyone to destroy it, but after an event, Allie is sent back by her parents to New York. They don't meet again until 7 years later, when she happens to be engaged and would soon marry... is their love true enough to bring them back together?
This is also a great book because it is such a simple story, but well-told. Nobody could have written this story better than Sparks, because he has experienced a lot of tragedies in his life himself and knows a great deal about love, lost love and tragedies.
This is an outstanding book you won't soon forget.

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