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Reviews of Friday (1982)

Review by fastfinge (2005-10-26)
Friday is the second best book Heinlein ever wrote. It has strong, believable and likable characters; unlike most of Heinlein's other female characters, Friday has an excuse for her superwoman complex, and the skills she gains do not come without considerable cost. It makes strong and important statements about humanity, racial issues, business, and politics. It also contains, not by the authors design, the best treatment of sexual issues Heinlein ever managed. It also clearly shows the way Heinlein's character changed in the 70s.

Review by sTalking_Goat (2003-12-12)
Friday epitimizes Heinlein's last work. Alternating between tedious sex, preachy philosophy and just plain lack of plot, Friday's problem isn't so much that its bad, its just filled with too much fluff. Frankly I'm of the opinion that Heinlein's publishers should have started returning his manuscripts when he started writing stuff like this. Definitely only for Heinlein fans.

Review by rootbeer (2003-03-10)
There's an inside joke for those who have read Assignment in Eternity near the end of Friday. Heinlein explores the relationship between ordinary human beings and genetically engineered superhumans in a book altogether too obsessed with sex. Around the middle, Heinlein seems to have lost his point and goes wandering off in a different direction until winding up with a dissapointing ending. I wasn't impressed with Friday although anyone who enjoyes his post-1970 works would certainly get a kick out of it. Try The Number of the Beast first, you'll probably like them both about the same.

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