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Reviews of Fool's Errand (2002)

Review by archaic (2006-12-30)
I was disappointed with novel. From the reviews I had read about it on iblist and other various sites I was hoping for more. I felt that this book started out rather slow and kept the same pace for the first few chapters. I also found Fitz's character slightly annoying in the beginning. As the story progressed the pace picked up and Fitz was less annoying. About halfway through the novel I began to miss the intrigue and mysterious feel that Buckkeep had to offer in the first series. The last 200 pages was when the book really pulled me in and kept me reading. The loss of a beloved character and the return to Buckkeep kept me reading on.

I gave this book a 8/10.

Review by lord kallor (2004-12-18)
Definatly an improvement on the Liveship Traders trilogy, mainly because of the involvement of Fitz once again (although he does whine an awful lot). The plot link between this and the next book is a feeble link at best almost as if it was not a trilogy but on the whole a good read bring more detail to the Wit in the 6 dutchies. Although the action is sadly lacking and it is not particualy epic but definatly deserves a 7/10

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