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Reviews of T2: The Future War (2003)

Review by johnafair (2009-08-15)
This is a straight telling of the tale from S.M. Stirling. It was a bit of a risk as the film version of the events in this book came out at approximately the same time.

However, he takes the events already known from the first couple of films and makes them his own as the story of John Connor is brought right up to date, as it were, and we get to see the events from Judgement Day to the time that John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to meet his mother and become his father...

Even the fact that the events in the book don't quite match the events in Terminator 3 is explained away in the way the various excursions into the past have muddled up the past to such an extent that at least a minimal disarmament had taken place, making Judgement Day a lesser (and later) event that the first time around...

(This review refers to the 2003 version titled “T2: The Future War”)

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