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Reviews of Dreamcatcher (2001)

Review by ih8mydog (2010-06-20)
Having read a number of Stephen King Books I was excited as I always am to read another of his. I found this book to be good but not one of his best efforts. The plot became slightly confusing now and again and the ending was eventually quite predictable. Despite this though I still thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Review by zieveraar (2005-08-18)
This book might suffer from the fact that it was one of the worst King movies ever. And that's saying a lot.

It's a pity really, the book is rather good. The tension build-up is excellent, the villain is outstanding, but perhaps the biggest complaint would be that it can get a bit confusing at times.

And that King's attempt to create a Derry gang of kids is just too reminiscent of IT to work properly.

But other than that, don't be fooled by the movie, this book is worth reading.

Review by wombat (2004-12-03)
A pretty good book with wonderful characters as Kind always seems to write. But as I read the book I found some aspects of it a bit sappy and predictable. Maybe I've just read too many of his books.

Review by Beaver (2003-05-10)
Stephen King is one of my favorite authors. Some of his plots are kind of cheesy, but his writing style is incredible. He could write a phone book that would keep you on the edge of your seat. Dreamcatcher is Stephen King's version of Independence Day or Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It's not one of his best (I'd probably give that honor to The Stand), but it's still really good and is very difficult to put down! 8/10

Review by kawayama (2003-04-23)
Dreamcatcher is not one of Steven Kings best efforts. He's taken a bunch of well-used ideas, mixed them up and pretended he's got a new story. Not that that's a bad thing in itself, done well it could have been interesting. But the writing is lackluster, it's the same old Steven King tricks over and over again. A memory is referenced in passing, and you just KNOW it's going to result in a lengthy flashback further on. Now, King's famous for his expositions, at any time he's liable to go off on a tangent, but this time it's just silly. We get page after page of background story on characters that are seriously unimportant. The constant shift in viewpoint make the text very messy (not to mention LONG), and you wish King would stick with one character for more than a few paragraphs, but nooo, every character must get their say. This could have been a very good alien-invasion-slash-male-bonding-book at about at third of its length. As it is, we get 600 meandering pages. Like a bag of cotton wool, it sure is big but it sure doesn't weigh much.

Still, King wouldn't be King if it wasn't a thrilling book some of the time. You do want to know how it ends. And those shit-weasels are SCARY.

Review by Kalthor (2003-03-29)
This is one of Stephen King's best book so far. It just has all that a King fan would expect from the KING of mystery. The story just keeps getting more and more exciting the more one keeps reading it. I highly recommend this book even if you never have read Stephen King before. I haven't seen the movie yet but will go the next week and probably be dissapointed again.

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