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Reviews of Restaurant at the End of the Universe, the (1980)

Review by guessswho (2006-09-15)
Good old Milliways!
I like the flying, the Dish of the Day, 'hand me the raprod, plate captain' the explaination of the Happy Vertical People Transporters, the Total Perspective Vortex, Agrajag, the Endless Party . . . you get the picture.
Remember: you should not, for any reason, throw the letter Q into a bush.

Review by Ranic (2003-07-17)
The second part of this series, as with most sequels, is marginally not as good as the first; however, it is still extremely entertaining. It continues with Hitchhiker's Guide's style of memorable quotes and humor and will not disappoint. This is a strong recommendation for fans of Hitchhiker's Guide.

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