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Reviews of Thieves of Legend, the (2012)

Review by michael a draper (2012-12-04)
In "The Thieves of Legend," Richard Doetsch provides a well written story dealing with greed, murder, thieves and family relationships set in the exotic worlds of Beijing and Macau.

Michael St. Pierre is a professional thief. Promising each other a better life, he and his girlfriend, KC, vow to give up crime and have a normal life. However, he is persuaded by his friend, Simon, to have one more caper.

KC's faith in Michael is ruined when she learns of his latest episode. She decides to leave him but is waylaid by a woman who convinces KC to accompany her. KC thought this would be an adventure but was her kidnapping and she's informed that she has to steal a part of an ancient puzzle or Michael will be killed.

Michael is also set up. The leader of a rogue U.S. military unit orders him to steal another part of the puzzle or the military leader will order KC's murder.

In a fast-paced action thriller that the author makes quite believable, we also learn of Chinese history, particularly after the Japanese defeat in WWII and the ransacking of the country by Japan in which they stole many ancient treasures.

We also have the conspiracy between two avaricious brothers who are competing for the treasure.

The fast moving plot leaves room for the author to describe the historical elements of the story along with the author's skillful storytelling.

This is a very entertaining novel.

(This review refers to the 2012 version titled “The Thieves of Legend”)

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