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Reviews of Blades of Winter (2012)

Review by michael a draper (2012-10-31)
"Blades of Winter" is written in the style of characters who are comic book heroes and provides an alternative history of the United States where our major enemies are the Soviet Union, Greater Germany and the Nationalist Republic of China.

Alix Nico is a nineteen-year-old rising star with ExOps, a covert organization that defends the U.S. against its enemies.

Her father was one of the top agents with ExOps but was captured and thought killed. Now there is speculation that he is alive but with the cloning program of Germany, officials are unsure.

Advertised as a cat and mouse adventure, Alex tries to find out answers about her father and what is being planned by our enemies. Then, if possible, prevent any adverse actions against the U.S.

This is a well written, intricately plotted novel. Alix is a modern bionic woman who likes nothing more than kicking some butt. With the scientific advances to her body, she is able to dodge bullets and has the ability to punch holes in cars.

The various aspects of the novel come together nicely in an appropriate conclusion.

(This review refers to the 2012 version titled “Blades of Winter”)

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