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Reviews of Stranger in the Room (2012)

Review by michael a draper (2012-08-09)
Keye Street is a Chinese American P.I. who has her PhD and is a recovering alcoholic. Her boyfriend, Det. Aaron Rauser is a homicide detective in Atalanta. As the story begins, he tells Keye of finding the body of a young boy who was murdered and left with a mysterious liquid on the body.

In a side story, an attorney in Atlanta hires Keye to look into the a problem with a crematorium where someone found that ashes in a burial urn were not their relative.

Keye and her assistant, Neil, travel to a rural community that feels as though it was back in the old south. When they speak to the person about the ashes, the man explains that he dropped the urn which was supposed to hold his mother's ashes. He knew it wasn't human ashes so he had it analyzed and found that it was chicken feed. He wants to know what happened to his mother's body.

Meanwhile, Keye's cousin, Miki, has been threatened back in Atlanta. Anther person is killed with the same fluids on him as on the body of the young boy that Rauser found.

The author writes with a keen wit that enhances the story and we feel as though we are reading a literary story.

This is an excellent suspense novel with well conceived and described characters.

(This review refers to the 2012 version titled “Stranger in the Room”)

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