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Reviews of Stolen Prey (2012)

Review by michael a draper (2012-05-15)
A complete family is butchered in a manner that reminds Lucas Davenport of the retribution given by Mexican Drug gangs. The killers left a sign on the wall "were coming." With no apostrophe.

A team of amateurs, some of who worked at a band find a way to steal millions of dollars from an automated account. Unfortunately, they didn't know that the account was owned by killers.

Lucas Davenport tries to find what the family might have known to warrant their torture and death and we follow the story in three parts.
We have the killers trying to track down the money and pay back those responsible. We also have the police investigation and finally, we have the people who stole the money.

(This review refers to the 2012 version titled “Stolen Prey”)

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