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Reviews of Cross Fire (2010)

Review by michael a draper (2011-10-11)
One of Det. Alex Cross's hated enemies is Kyle Craig. He escapes from prison, has plastic surgery and assumes the identity of FBI agent Max Siegel after killing the agent and learns everything about Siegel's past.

In Washington, D.C. Cross has just proposed to Brianna Stone. Shortly thereafter, he's called to investigate the assassination of two Washington politicians who were under investigation for corruption.

When another killing takes place from long range and this person was also under investigation for criminal activity, officials believe that they have another Beltway Sniper.

Kyle poses as Siegel and gets assigned to the case. He's able to get close to Cross and move his plan for revenge into high gear. In the meanwile, Cross doesn't suspect anything and this adds excellent suspense to the story.

The story is a page turner and but the reader must accept that a person could assume another person's identity and even that person's co-workers wouldn't catch on.

With this skepticism, James Patterson shows that he is the master of nail biters because he gets the reader's involvement in the case.

With the history of the Beltway Sniper as background, the reader wonders how Cross will find the sniper team and stop them but how will he stop Craig before Craig can take revenge against Cross and his family?

(This review refers to the 2010 version titled “Cross Fire”)

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