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Reviews of Eve (2011)

Review by michael a draper (2011-04-08)
Eve Duncan is a well respected forensic sculptor. She's one of the finest and in demand by many police departments.

She's been with her lover, Detective Joe Quinn, for years. Her seven-year-old daughter, Bonnie was kidnapped two years ago. Some think that Bonnie is dead. However, Eve's friend, Catherine Ling, of the CIA, asks her if she's considered if Bonnie's father, John Gallo, couldn't have had anyting to do with Bonnie's kidnapping.

Eve is startled. She thought Gallo was dead, killed while serving on active duty.

The story flashes back to the time when Eve was fifteen. She met Gallo when she was growing up in Atlanta. Her mother was a self indulgent drug user. When Eve was age fifteen, a group of local hoods were assaulting her when Gallo appeared and dispatched the young punks. Eve never had anyone stand up for her before and she felt that Gallo was her Knight in Shining Armor. At the same time, Gallo was attracted to her for her gutsy manner in sticking up for her girlfriend who had also been being assaulted by the hoods.

The novel portrays Eve's fighting spirit and goals to overcome her poverty and become successful. Her mother was no help and depended on Eve's income from her part time job, to provide drugs. Eve develops an abhorance to drugs and her determination to better herself is refreshing.

The story tells what happened to Gallo and how he reappeared after serving in an advanced unit in the military. When Eve learns from her friend, Catherine, that Gallo survived the war, Eve feels that she must find out for herself, if he had anything to do with her dauthter's kidnapping.

Her rise from a poverty stricken youth into a world renowed scientist is impressive and is a lesson to be learned.

(This review refers to the 2011 version titled “Eve”)

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