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Reviews of Gerald's Game (1992)

Review by momstheword (2008-01-28)
Ok, this book scared me. I would notice after a few moments that I was sitting with my mouth a little open and my throat dry. I read this book YEARS ago, and I still think about it because I think it was such a good read. I always recommend this book to my friends. You think to yourself,"This could happen, really". We know it's made up. We know its fiction...don't we, lol. I recommend this book highly.

Review by ilovebooks (2005-08-19)
I thought about this book for days after I finished reading it. I kept telling my friends (who don't read) you HAVE to read this! Although the story in general is a drawn out (and quite disturbing) "what if..." the ending really does make the whole thing worthwhile, so keep reading even if you do get a little bored. Easily one of the best horror stories I have ever read!

Review by zieveraar (2005-08-18)
I don't like the book, and I believe it is the first Stephen King book that suffered from what would happen later on quite a lot. Just not enough content to justify writing a full book around it, King just dragged out a topic that might have made a good short story, but definitely not a full book. (still give it a 4/10 though)

Review by melissa (2005-06-06) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

I have to say that while this isnt by far my favorite book of stephen kings, it is the only one that really and truly gave me the chills. It takes a lot for a book or movie to get me scared but this did it. It was the part in it where the girl is lying naked handcuffed to the bed and the dog is eating her dead husband on the floor next to her and then she sees that deformed man standing in the shadows just watching her. Creepy!!

Review by darkkilala (2004-11-10)
This book was really good, but kind of hard to read. The pages were really big, and it took me like 6 months to read it. But it still was a good book. The way the SK goes into detail explaining the psych. of the book itself and the characters inside it is just plain fascinating.

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