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Reviews of Don't Blink (2010)

Review by michael a draper (2011-01-27)
Bruno Torenzi kills attorney Vincent Marcozza in a famous New York restaurant. Then shoots his way out of the restaurant.

At a nearby table, reporter Nick Daniels is about to interview fallen New York Yankee baseball player, Dwayne Robinson.

After the shooting, Nick returns home and plays the tape from the interview and hears the voice of the killer say, "I have a message from Eddie, Justice is Blind."

Nick knows that the word on the street is that Eddie "The Prince" Pinero, reputed Brooklyn crimeboss, ordered the hit on Marcozza because he failed to get Eddie off on a case of loansharking.

Nick takes the evidence to the Manhattan Districe Attorney, David Sorren, who is also the fiance of Nick's ex-girlfriend.

Things happen in machine gun fashion. Bruno Tornezi is celebrating with a high priced prostitute when her two brothers barge into the room and think they're going to rob a nervous John. Instead, Tornezi does what he does best and leaves a trail of bodies.

The pacing is well done and the action constant. We follow Nick as he meets his challanges and overcomes them.

James Patterson and Howard Roughan have written a stimulating novel. However, the cover states that it is a war between the Russian and Italian Mafias. The Russian Mafia has such a small part in this story that it hardly bears mention.

(This review refers to the 2010 version titled “Don't Blink”)

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