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Reviews of Stone of Tears (1995)

Review by drache_gnar (2006-03-12)
A long novel. When I was reading it I was just waiting for it to end. The plot is so-so, not really memorable. The characters were flat and boring.
Just a long winded masturbation of words. It's like the author decided he wanted to write an unbelieveably long novel, so he did, even if he didn't have enough to fill it with.

A huge step down from Wizard's First Rule.
Not Recommended.

Review by mrdude (2005-02-15)
Stone of Tears The second book (now considered the third because of a new prequil) in the Sword of truth Series by Terry Goodkind Picks up from the previous tale, Wizards first rule. Darken Rahl has been defeated by Richard but now it seems a new evil is spreading throughout the world which only Richard can stop, with the help of Kahlan and Zedd and many others of course.

I found this book to be less enjoyable than it's predecessor, and although I was drawn in toward the end of the book to keep reading, it was still somewhat of a let down. I found Goodkind to have a little less faith in his readers than I would have enjoyed. I often found him reminding the reader what had happened in the last book so often that it drew away from the story (not just minor details but major events). Also it was still quite predictable, while I could tell that Goodkind tried ever so hard to not be so. I was also unamused at the authors repeated use of prophecies, I kept hoping that he would stop using them in the same fashion, and yet he never did. The author seems to also have trouble putting characters away for good. On the bright side there were some good aspects of the book as well. It read amazingly fast for bing near 1000 pages long. Also as far as fantasy books go, the author did manage to define his own creatures and rules rater than relying on others to show him the way.

All and all I would not suggest this book for everyone. If your a big Goodkind fan already it might be worth your time, although I would warn those that have already read the first book in the series that this was definitely not an improvement.

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Review by Beaver (2003-05-14)
Same flaws as book 1 - very overly melodramatic for stupid reasons with obvious plot twists to increase melodrama. It was a decent page turner though, and was a little better than the first. Goodkind tries to blur good vs evil but fails miserably as people are still end up being good or evil and good always prevails. There's not a lot of depth to the story or characters… Goodkind seems to be making it up as he goes. On top of all that, it's not very original and rips off a bunch of stuff from other writers - very cliched. 7/10

Review by M (2003-04-02)
The second installment in the ‘Sword Of Truth’ series immediately following where events left off in -Wizard’s First Rule-.

A bit of a mix here, while the new characters introduced hold up nicely to those established in the first book I found Richard’s melodrama a tad bit unbearable in parts, although by the end you will have forgotten such minor qualms as this sequel does its predecessor proud. Richard and Kahlan’s individual stories are finely interspersed and we begin to see a more definite formation of the overlying story in the ‘Sword Of Truth’ series. I believe it is arguably the best sequel out of the bunch so far and I certainly recommend picking this up without hesitation if you enjoyed the first book.

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