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Reviews of 9th Judgment, the (2010)

Review by michael a draper (2010-09-13)
The prologue of the novel opens with a cat burglar stealing priceless jewels from Casey Dowling, the wife of well known movie star, Marcus Dowling. As the thief is leaving, she knocks over the console table, waking up Casey and Marcus. Their marriage was on the rocks and Marcus realizes that he has a chance to blame a murder on someone else and kills Casey, blaming the thief.

Another murderer is on the loose. This involves a psychpathatic killer who mercylessly kills women with their babies.

In a fast read but somewhat predictable story, Detective Lindsay Boxer is investigating both cases. She works closely with her partner, Rich Conklin.

As the killer of the woman and baby strikes again, Det. Boxer intensifies her search which is difficult because there are no witnesses and little evidence.

As Lindsay and Rich spend more time together, they become emotionally involved and find it difficult to separate business from emotions.

The story was an easy read with good action.

(This review refers to the 2010 version titled “9th Judgment, the”)

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