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Reviews of Passage, the (2010)

Review by michael a draper (2010-07-31)
A new virus is being experiemented on. In one respect, there is a fast recovery and healing period and could have military benefits. However, it is turning the victims who volunteer for the project, into vampire like creatures.
In the military facility where the expirement is taking place there is an incident and the mosters get out, kill the guards and the officials. Only a six-year-old girl named Amy and a former FBI agent named Brad Wolgast survive.
Chicago and other eastern cities fall and California declares itself independent and becomes a safe haven for humans and a barrier for the monsters.
Similar to Stephen King's "The Stand," Amy and a few other survivors must band together and risk their lives to save the world.
Well plotted, literate and captivating. A book which begins well, slows down midway but picks up at the end.

(This review refers to the 2010 version titled “The Passage”)

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