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Reviews of Sing Down the Moon (1970)

Review by nzilla (2003-06-17)
This has got to be the worst book I've ever read. We are supposed to feal sorry for the Navajos forced exodus, but the author is so inept that we never have any reason whatsoever to feal for these people; in fact I would've had everybody in the book tortured, raped, and killed just to get the story over with. The characters truly are undeveloped. We don't learn the protagonist's gender until twenty pages into the book; we don't learn her name until twenty pages from the end of the book. These aren't plot points or are supposed to mean anything, the author was just freaking lazy! The book is told from first person point of view. This is quite possibly the one thing that made the book suck so much. First person point of view is fine if it adds to the story, but if your main character is a complete moron then it just makes difficult to read and annoying. The entire book sounds like something I would've written in the third grade. There is no description whatsoever; entire months worth of action go by in single pages. I mean it; it's stuff like, "The Long Knife took Tall Boy away. The next morning I woke up and made breakfast. Two weeks later they said Tall Boy would come back. Three weeks later I realized he hadn't. The next day he came back." I'm seriously not exagerating. All of the characters talk like complete morons as well. You don't need to copy grammar patterns of a language if it makes your characters completely unlikable and retarded. They don't sound like that to each other; why do we have to listen to them talk like that? The author couldn't even spell Navajo correctly; every single instance is spelled 'Navaho.' Technically, wouldn't that mean that it would be pronounced Nava-oh, since Hs are silent in Spanish? The sequence of events is really stupid too. The main character gets kidnapped in the beginning and then there's some poorly written "action" and she gets back to her home. Some time later the scuffles with the white men or "Long Knives" happen. The first part is completely pointless! Nothing is added to the (nonexistant) story. None of the characters are developed whatsoever, especially the protagonist; the book is nothing but one big deus ex machina. I'm really pissed off with this book. It is utter crap. For the first time in my life I feal like starting a book burning. 1/10

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