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Reviews of Mask of Troy, the (2010)

Review by angheliki (2016-04-03)
A great idea in a clumsy text.

•Very smart pseudoarchaeological elements such as Agamemnon's mask that's actually related to Troy.
•The best part of the book was about Nazis. The author stopped for a while the archaeology lessons and gave us a story, a time, a place, a nation and its background.
•Very good submarine archaeological details - as expected from a famous scuba diver.
•interesting landscapes

•Slow pace and boring dialogs. Not just boring, more like "archaeological lessons for noobs".
Since he couldn't find another way to teach you, the author, puts the characters in conversations that actual archaeologists would never have. It's so ankward.
•Bad character development even though we get some hints that some of them could be more interesting.
•Too many unnecessary details but for some characters we get too little explanation of what they do. Intuition is supposed to be considered as sign of wisdom while some heroes are just insisting on their pre-existing belief.
•Adventure comes only in the final pages.
•Too much influence from Indianna Jones but only for some boring cliches.
•Too good to be true ending of the story where everyone gets what he dreamed of.

In total:
An interesting yet boring book. As an archaeologist, myself, I was expecting a lot more in the actual adventure and much more interesting characters. Unfortunately I had an echo of my years in university.
It started quite promising but ended up an average reading.

Recommended only for fans and for those who enjoy a slow pace.

(This review refers to the 2010 version titled “The Mask of Troy”)

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