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Reviews of Five Greatest Warriors, the (2010)

Review by raggle (2010-03-26)
The Five Greatest Warriors is the third part in the Jack West Jr trilogy by the author Michael Reilly. Following on from Seven Ancient Wonders (a.k.a. Seven Deadly Wonders) and The Six Sacred Stones, it continues the race to find the remaining 4 sacred stones and place them at strategic times and places throughout the world. The aim to activate the Great Machine that will protect the world from the earth threatening Dark Star which is the Suns twin, with the added benefit of whoever possesses the sacred stones after placement will have amazing gifts such as knowledge.
<p>I was eager to get on with this part of the trilogy, especially with the 2nd part ending on such a cliff hanger. As has been the style of all Matthew Reillyís books that I have read so far, it was action packed from start to finish. It uses its time line effectively jumping between the storyline of each of Jacks colleagues. Often the storyline can be taking place several days apart and in different countries, but it is done concisely so as not to lose the thread and you always know where you are in the story and how they interlink. This kept me enthralled throughout the book, as while wanting to read the latest part of one personís story, I couldnít wait to get back to the storyline I had just left at the end of the last chapter.
<p>The story itself is set across many continents, countries and time zones. Each location is described with rich detail, which is also complimented by diagrams. Initially I wasnít keen on these, but as the trilogy has progressed I came to use these diagrams a lot and have appreciated them. The diagrams gave you a basic understanding as to how each of the sites are laid out, then the description gives the imagination the details to turn it into a physical place in the mind. I even found myself referring back to the diagram at times to allow me to visualise better.
<p>Even with big storyline and big locations, there is still an attention to detail in the characters. I felt particularly in this book the characters are now ingrained in the story. There is a good complexity so that it creates a bond between characters and with the reader that left me willing them on to survive and succeed. Part of the theme of the characters was family feuds and rivalry. Jack and his father competing- Jack for the world and Jacks father for himself, the various alliances competing for the stones and powers, and rivalry within the alliancesÖ And if that wasnít enough a new element is introduced to shake up the race.
<p>In all this is a detailed and clever book that makes good use of the characters to draw the reader in, and has a explosive storyline. Iíve read a lot of books in my time but this trilogy and in particular this book is one of the best reads I have had in a long time.

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