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Reviews of Tommyknockers, the (1988)

Review by boromir (2009-02-23)
this was my first stephen king attempt. definitely kept me up reading. weird things start happening to everyday people and the characters draw you in. i will admit ending was a little
disappointing but would recommend reading it. book is way better than the mini series. this title led me to buy others from king,
in hardback even

Review by delahee (2008-10-18)
Great book, not especially for its story but rather for all the little childhood fears it remind the reader. Characters are great and deeply depicted as ever.

Despite strange storyline and pretty deceiving ending, it does definitely provide an impressive look at what is a good book and may never be a good movie.

(This review refers to the 1988 version titled “Tommyknockers, the”)

Review by zara958 (2007-12-12)
This was the first sk book i read, even though i found it kinda hard to get into at first, it deffinatly sticks in my head. theres lots going on in this book, sometimes its hard to keep up because there are so many characters in it. but it's not a bad book. i'm in the middle of reading salems lot right now and find it a little similar to tommyknockers in certain ways.. but over all its not bad, worth a read. i'd give it 6 to 7 out of 10

Review by santasrejects (2006-10-09)
Well, this is the first Stephen King book I have fully read and I love it. It is a long book but will keep you interested(unlike other +750 page books)until the end. While I realize that some people will not like his descriptive writng as much as I did, I do not think it should affect some of the main plots of the story. Overall a wonderfull book and I hope all the others are just as good.

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