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Reviews of Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands, the (1991)

Review by mleslie (2003-09-19)
This book is shite.
I started the Dark Tower series on a recommendation from a friend and I was skeptical right from the start. The Gunslinger is pretty much garbage but there seemed to be remote chance that Stephen King was cooking up something remotely interesting so I kept going. The second book was pretty good in comparison and I was looking forward to reading "The Wastelands"... a chore which ended up being a complete waste of multiple hours of my life.
It is like reading a child's book, a poorly written child's book. Some of the characters become so irritating that I nearly put the book down several times but kept on reading in hopes that they would be mauled by rabid dogs, or something typical of a Stephen King novel. King has hit rock-bottom on a creativity level with this book. For example, some of the characters he introduces... "Oy", the "billy-bumbler", give me a break, this piece of trash needs to meet a violoent end... and "the tick-tock man" is supposed to be the head evil-doer of the novel... oh no here comes "the tick-tock man", save me from his evil time-telling evilness.... Then the grand climax of the movie is when the good guys jump on "Blain the Train" who is a monorail who likes its when humans ask him riddles... what else can I say. And thats just a sampling of the pain you will endure if you decide to read this.
I think Stephen King was sick of hearing from all the Dark Tower super-fans out there about putting out the third book in the series so he wrote this out of pure desperation and it shows... no creativity, stupid story, unlikable characters, don't waste your time.

Review by nosleep (2003-03-10)
The third book in the dark tower series is a little more apocalyptic Sci-Fi than the rest of the series, but it is in keeping with how little we know of Rolands World. From start to finish, this piece of the puzzle keeps the reader enthralled with glimpses into the madness and decay that is eating away at Mid World, introduces some of the most interesting characters thus far in the series, and re-introduces an old character from the series.

The Waste Lands also has one of the most unfulfilling endings in the history of King's books, a cliffhanger which he didn't complete for lik 6 years. Keep your eyes peeled toward the end of the book, as an old friend stops by for a brief visit.

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