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Reviews of Storm from the Shadows (2009)

Review by johnafair (2009-03-18)
Although this book does not have quite the intensity of the previous books, this book sees the threats to Manticore mount up into an almost insurmountable wave and its going to be...interesting to see how DW gets his characters out of the hole they're in (if that's what's going to happen - he's shown he's not afraid to wipe out civilisations on a galactic scale in the anthology _Bolo!_).

As DW explains in the author's note at the start of the book, the first few chapters cover ground already covered in _At All Costs_ and _The Shadow of Saganami_ and while it's conceivable that these are required for people who may not have read the relevant books recently, it does seem a little too like padding for comfort. However, once into the main part of the book, the action rumbles along at a reasonable speed, if not at the full break-necked speed of _At All Costs_ - this is a set-up book not one that leads to conclusions.

Fortunately, also as per the author's note, DW has already delivered the next couple of books in the Honorverse so we shouldn't be waiting too long for the next installment.

(This review refers to the 2009 version titled “Storm from the Shadows”)

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