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Reviews of Chocolat (1999)

Review by Zacynthus (2004-07-15)
I read the book before watching the film. I found the book and the fil to be worlds apart but equally satisfying in their own ways. The book explores Vianne's charcter to much greater depth and detail. It contains a much darker air of mystery and the folk of Lansquet sous Tannes are presented as being distinct parts of a whole. It is an interesting book and well worth pivking up.

Review by Nekthen (2004-05-13)
This is a much darker novel than the film would suggest. The author scratches away the surface of the idyllic Peter Maylesque provencal village to reveal buried secrets and then skips aways from them, leaving the reader to think about them alone.

Vianne's touches of magic and her daughter's invisible rabbit are nicely handled.

There is also much more antagonism toward the church in the book than in the film.

I greatly enjoyed it, but I am sure that some fans of the film will find the book disappointing.

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