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Reviews of Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass, the (1997)

Review by nosleep (2003-03-11)
This book illustrates how a book can go horribly wrong in a very good way.

I waited from 1991 or so when the Waste Lands came out and I finished it in the space of days, till 1997 when this book hit the shelves. After waiting for 6 years, I was a little disappointed that Wizard and Glass was almost entirely a flashback and that it did very little to advance the story of the dark tower.

After finishing the book, I felt like I had been cheated. But in an effort to gather as much information from the book as I could, I began to read it again, this time focusing on the story of Rolands trip as a boy to Mejis after winning his guns at an unprecedentedly young age.

I found this story, of Jonas, and the Big Coffin Hunters, of the Horseman's association and other servants of the Good Man John Farson, and of Roland, Susan, Alain and especially Cuthbert, to be captivating and inspired. Being that it was a well rounded and complete tale for the most part added to its enjoyment, and I came to the conclusion apon my second reading that the central story of Wizard and Glass had alot of bearing on the quest for the tower and it took place in a world that was easier to put myself into than the world that Roland later finds himself moving across the face of. From the Eyebolt Canyon and the thinny that lurked inside it to Citgo, to Seafront, I got to know Mejis and its inhabitants and therefor, the story was incredibly enjoyable.
If you look past the disappointment of very little being added to Rolands quest of the present, you will find that Wizard and Glass is one of, if not the best portion of the Dark Tower series so far.

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