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Reviews of Bag of Bones (1998)

Review by tollbaby (2006-08-13)
I was quite pleased with this book. All of Stephen King's gripping narrative and spine-tingling spooks were out in force. The characters were fantastic and very believable (matter of fact, I think he used my grandma for one... hehe) and he's just got such a unique descriptive style!

It followed the perfect King formula. Find some schmoe, give him a few hard knocks and see what rattles loose. Add a few spooks and/or monsters, and see what our hero makes of them. Of course, he has to make himself a few stalwart friends along the way to help him at crunch time, but mainly, he'll just bumble along making enemies until the pieces fall into place.

Mike's grief when his wife Jo dies is so palpable, you begin to feel sorry for King on the loss of his own wife (until you realize that Tabitha King is very much alive). Bag of Bones was most definitely a page-turner, and I could barely stand to put it down when I'd arrived at work in the morning!

Sara Laughs was one hell of a lady, and she won't disappoint here either.

Review by nzilla (2003-08-09)
Bag of Bones is a little different from most of Stephen King's other books. Sure, it takes place in Maine, but the writing style is slightly different; the perspective is first person and the chapters are not broken up into sub-chapters as usual. The story is also somewhat different; there is a lot more romance than usual, but don't fear, this doesn't read anything like an Anne Rice novel. The plot is pretty good with a few good twists and turns throughout. The antagonist is pretty loathsome, and the scary bits are pretty effective. Computer nerds will probably enjoy that the antagonist is a cross between Bill Gates and Howard Hughes, as well as that Stephen King obviously actually did a little bit of research on computers or is fairly knowledgeable on the subject so we don't have to groan at completely made up computer jargon. There could've been a few more scary parts, but as I said, the ones that are there are pretty effective. Recommended. 8/10

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