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Reviews of Ship of Destiny (2000)

Review by clong (2005-02-18)
For reasons explained in my review of Assassin's Quest, I was disappointed with the ending of the Farseers trilogy. I came to Hobbs second trilogy (writing under this name, anyway) with hope that the Live-Ship Traders saga would offer a more satisfying conclusion. If anything, I would have to say this was even worse.

Again, there were plenty of things to like about Hobbs' trilogy in general and this book in specific (which is set in a neighboring region of the same world as the previous trilogy). It's an intriguing world, with interesting characters (human and not-human), following multiple plot lines that seem to be heading towards a dramatic conclusion. The only problem is that the conclusion falls flat; indeed the gathering of all the major characters for the climactic naval battle felt so contrived as to be almost farcical.

So, after reading Hobbs' first two trilogies, I would say both started strong and showed glimpses of an author with tremendous potential, but neither offered a compelling or even satisfying conclusion. Being a glutton for punishment, I have no doubt that I will eventually pick up her newer Tawny Man series to see if she finally got an ending right for that one.

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