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Reviews of Bad Dream (2003)

Review by johnafair (2008-02-23)
Although written fairly recently, this book reads as if it comes from pre-Maastrict Treaty paranoia days.

The book opens with a man going to visit his step family in Germany - an apparently ideal version of the European dream. However, it soon became clear that things aren't really that pleasant. England is in a terminal state, what with devolution and Euro regluations causing havoc.

In Europe the virtual reality systems are presented as a sort of nightmare method of keeping the increasing numbers of unemployed out of trouble while America is rabidly anti VR and increasingly isolationist.

Eventually, it becomes an Out of Europe at all costs type book.

As well as the sort of politics that would hve the United Kingdom Independance Party (UKIP) blushing, the technology, rather strangely for a book about VR, feels rather dated - almost as if it had been written a number of years previously with just the odd bit of revision to make it appear up-to-date.

(This review refers to the 2003 version titled “Bad Dream”)

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