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Reviews of Gods and Androids (2004)

Review by johnafair (2008-02-23)
This book contained one of the earliest science fiction stories I have read; Androids at Arms, and one that was new to me; Wraiths of Time.

Fortunately, the familiar book lived up to memory and indeed was even better. Andrad, our point of view character wakes up on a deserted planet with a small number of other people, each important in some way to the stability to their part of the galaxy. The problem: none knew how they got to this place, and the years they were taken all differ by close on a century...
As the group think up ways to return to their worlds, alliances are made and broken and each exile has to answer the question; real person or android copy?

Wraiths of Time tells the tale of Tallahassee Mitford, a recently graduated archaeologist facing the twin problems of being coloured and female. She thinks she's got her dream job in the museum curating the museum's collection of Egyptiana when she's called out to a locker at the local airport where something is giving off a strange radiation - not an obvious thing for an archaeologist to be involved with, but the designs are clearly based on the ancients' designs even if they aren't quite like anything Tallahassee has ever seen before. Almost as if they were ancient Egyptian devices as they would appear after millennia of further history...
Later that night, after a strange feeling drags Tallahassee back to the museum she's caught up in a strange field that drags her somewhere, or is it somewhen?

(This review refers to the 2004 version titled “Gods and Androids”)

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