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Reviews of Duma Key (2008)

Review by greyslobotomy (2008-05-18) Contains spoilers. View anyway.

When compared to "It" or "Bag of Bones," "Duma Key" comes off as weak but nonetheless it's worth reading.

The book starts off heated then the horror is slowly
introduced and builds momentum but, the most interesting aspect of this novel is that the horror is not shoved straight at your face, it lies underneath the development of the characters and their interaction with the setting, which is uber creepy. You know the horror is there but you just can't seem to put a finger on it, more creepy goodness.

The two shining (no pun intended) elements of this novel are the setting and the characters. Mr. King's description of the Florida coast leaves little to be desired and you literally fall in love with the characters, especially Wireman and Ilse.

Actually the book is excellent before the name of a certain ship comes into play, before the "table" started leaking. After then it seemed to me that Mr. King ran out of ideas on how to end the book and decided to take a "Deus Ex Machina" dive and ended the story in a way that is totally departed from much of the story. It was like he was rushed into finishing the book.

Overall, flaws & all, I still give this one a 6/10. This novel would have gotten a 5/10 from me but since I love the word "Muchacho" what's +1?

(This review refers to the 2008 version titled “Duma Key”)

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