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Reviews of Eisenhorn (2004)

Review by johnafair (2009-06-07)
The world of Warhammer 40,000 usually focuses on the innumerable hordes that make up the Imprerial Guard, or members of the Space Marines. However, in this omnibus we get to see the workings of the Imperial Inquisitors through the life and times of Gregor Eisenhorn. Told in the first person we get a more intimate view of the Imperium - not a more peaceful view certainly but things are more intimate and away from the cut and thrust of declared warfare.

Eisenhorn and his associates fight the hidden aspects of Chaos be they the result of daemon infiltration, or the darkness of the human heart, or the mechanations of the xeno races that humanity comes up against.

Eisenhorn comes across as a well defined character who changes throughout the stories as he finds himself slipping ever closer to the thin line that separates his work from the works of the chaos he fights.

(This review refers to the 2001 version titled “Eisenhorn”)

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